Doctors Without Borders

At Thomas Clipper we’re proud to do things differently to most luxury brands. We crowdfund many of our products, we don’t test on animals (our colognes are vegan), the animal products we do make are responsibly sourced and we use organic ingredients wherever possible (100% organic alcohol is used in our cologne production for example).

On top of that in 2017 we gave 10% of our cologne profits to Doctors Without Borders and in 2018 we said we'd give 5% of total profits to the same charity, as chosen by our customers.

During the course of 2018 we grew rapidly, adding dozens of new independent retailers to our stockists and nearly doubling our sales. Fueling this growth meant reinvesting in new stock, new trade shows, and new products (more on that in the coming months!). That means that when all’s said and done in 2018, our most successful year to date, we’re unlikely to turn a profit: every penny has gone back into the business. But we still want to help so once the books from 2018 are done and dusted, if we don’t end up posting a profit, we’ve decided nevertheless to give £500 to Doctors Without Borders. It's not a huge donation, but as a small business we're proud to be able to help Doctors Without Borders, even modestly, in their vital work.

For 2019 whilst we’re not donating a percentage of our profits (which we’re aiming to be as low as possible as we reinvest in the business) we are focusing on working as hard as possible to increase awareness of the advantages of organic ingredients, artisan production and reducing animal testing in cosmetics. In short: every cologne we sell makes the world a little better, so for now we’re focusing on doing more of that!

And the really exciting thing is that as Thomas Clipper grows, our ability to be a positive force in the world grows with us. Watch this space…

Matt BrownComment