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At Thomas Clipper we believe in doing things properly. That's why we only make all metal, single blade, double edge razors.


For some this might come as a surprise - many might not have heard of single blade shaving. But if your barber tried to shave you with a multi-blade vibrating plastic razor you’d be confused. Probably miffed. You’d be right to be - your barber uses a single blade because it gives a better shave.

When we started Thomas Clipper we spoke to barbers - some fresh and starting out, most several decades into their trade. They told us a few good reasons why they're not going to stop shaving with a single blade anytime soon...

First off, single blade razors (including the double edge variety that we make) give a more accurate shave. Partly that’s because you can see the blade more easily. Partly it’s because you can feel it better. Simply put, there’s no plastic in the way: it’s a simpler shave.

Second, a good safety razor doesn't get clogged up with hair as much. There's only one blade so there are fewer nooks and crannies. That helps thick stubble slide off much more easily - it feels brilliant too, especially if you're in the 'slightly itchy' 4 day stubble stage. And if you get razor burn or ingrown hairs, double edge razors are fantastic because they don't tug and pull at the skin like a multi-blade.

Finally, because you control the angle and aggression of the blade, you can get a closer shave. As you start out wet shaving with a safety razor you might well find yourself misjudging the angle and going too aggressive which can result in nicks. Obviously a properly balanced razor will help. But at the end of the day, shaving with a double edge razor is different and it will take a few practices to master. Like anything worth doing, it takes a little time.

Today we don’t need to shave at all like we used to. Beards are everywhere, from banks to burger bars. We're shaving because we want to. Which is a good reason to do it properly, with a razor that’s a pleasure to use and that can slice through thick stubble better than anything else out there.

Double edge feels better, it gives a closer shave and it’s a lot more satisfying using a heavy crafted razor than a plastic multi blade vibrator. It might take a little longer, but the few extra minutes you’re spending are a few extra minutes away from a screen. There’s no better way to ease yourself into a civilised morning. And we think that's jolly important.


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