Cold Weather Shaving

Cold weather is Kryptonite to the wet shaver's trusty mirror. We can help.


You're already armed with the best single blade safety razor on the planet (if not, may we politely suggest you pay a quick visit to our shop? Lovely stuff there you know...). You’ve got a fresh blade and you’ve prepped your face like a professional.

But it's awfully chilly outside, and as we all know when hot water nears a cold mirror the result is catastrophic fogginess.

You end up looking like you’ve asked to be blurred out of a Crimewatch re-enactment video. It’s not ideal for a precision job involving a razor blade and your fantastic face.

Thankfully it’s shockingly easy to sort out. So shockingly easy that we made a 25 second video to show you...


For those who prefer the nuance of the written word to the crude instrument of the iPhone video:

1. Pop some of our brilliant shaving soap in your paw.

2. Rub it onto the mirror, then rub it off with your flannel, just like waxing a car.

3. Shave your face in a gloriously fog-free mirror.


That’s it.

Of course if you're getting serious you could install a heated mirror, but if even then you'll thank us for this trick when you're stuck in a mountainous cabin in the middle of a snow storm armed only with a Thomas Clipper safety razor and flannel, some hot water and some soap. Wherever you are, this is the ticket to fog-free de-bearding.

Happy shaving,

Matt + Tony