Travel Shaving

Taking brushes, bars of soap and porcelain bowls on holiday might be overkill. Here's how to perfect the minimalist art of  wet shaving with just a single blade razor and some fantastic shave oil.


We're all used to seeing adverts featuring lathered up celebrities grinning and wearing not very much. And a good brush shave is hard to beat (that’s why we’re in the process of making our own natural soap and wooden shaving bowl and brush… follow our Twitter/Facebook/Instagram to stay in the loop).

But sometimes you’re keen on staying light, and for the weight conscious traveller or the minimalist bathroom owner, all you need for a brilliant wet shave is some shave oil and a fantastic single blade razor.

Here's our brief video guide to how a minimal shave works:

In short, as with brush shaving, heat is key (see our blog post about how to make sure that crucial heat doesn’t fog up your mirror)

So step one is to warm up with a nice bath or shower (you'll be happy to note that this isn't part of our video). Or if you're stuck in the wilderness, pop hot water on your flannel and massage it into your face for around a minute - usually does the trick.

Next give your face a proper flannel rub to exfoliate and get your face hair standing to attention. You can do this first even with a brush shave, but it's all the more important as you'll not have brilliant bristles helping you out.

Finally, less is more. Pop on a tiny dot of oil. Really, just a drop or two - on our bottles you only need to open the bottle, cover it with your hand and invert. Just a touch of oil will help with de-bearding, too much will cause razor clogging - the enemy to a good shave.

That’s it really, after that make sure you shave with the grain and keep the razor head nice and wet. The result is a shave that’s just as clean but a little more minimal. And when you’ve got the time and the gear, a soap and brush wet shave is made all the better with a little oil prep first. But that’s a story for another day…

Happy wet shaving,

Matt + Tony

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