Upgrade Your Shave

We wrote about minimalist shaving before, but now that we’re bringing out our own brush, shaving bowl and soap we thought it was probably about time we let you know how to achieve a full shave.

So sit back and relax with our five steps to the perfect shave:


Step 1 - prepare

First get your blade loaded and pop your razor and brush in the sink. Put on some music and fill up the sink with piping hot water. Wet your flannel and hold it to your face to really get your skin warmed up, then rub to exfoliate. NB always shower before you shave, not after - the hot shower will give your face even longer to prep for the upcoming de-bearding. If you get a fogged up mirror we can help with that too...


Step 2 - oil

A drop or two is all you need of our shave oil; the key is to only use a little. It’s to add a very thin base of lubrication. Ours also includes an active ingredient to reduce razor rash.

Step 3 - brush up

Next up roll the tip of your wet brush on your shaving soap using a circular motion. This will produce some lovely lather after 5 or 10 seconds. Apply to your face gently, but with enough pressure to lift your stubble up.


Step 4 - shave

Take your razor from the water, gently shave down from your sideburns in the direction of least resistance. This is called shaving ‘with the grain’ and makes for a much much more comfortable shave, and far less razor rash. Take short, gentle strokes - let the razor do the hard work. After every stroke or two pop the blade back into the water to clean and wet it. You should also spin the razor round after every couple strokes to make sure you’re keeping both sides of the blade equally sharp.


Step 4B - experiment with expert shaving...

After a first pass with the grain, some people with less sensitive skin will go for a second pass across the grain (usually left to right) and even a third against the grain (the roughest feeling direction if you run your fingers up and down your stubble).

By all means give these a try - it’s the way to the very closest shave. But approach with caution if you’ve got sensitive skin (as I do).


Step 5 - wind down

After you’re thoroughly de-stubbled it’s time to splash some cold water on your face to get rid of the soap, close up your pores, and re-invigorate you for the day ahead. End with a drop or two drop of TC shave oil - we developed this as a pre-shave oil, but because of the anti razor-rash active ingredient, it’s actually brilliant as an aftershave too, and the oil helps to keep moisture in. Recommended for those with normal or dry skin - if yours is already a little oily give this step a miss and replace with your moisturiser of choice.


That’s it: the 5 steps to a perfect shave. If you’ve got your own suggestions as to how we can improve this list, do let us know. And if you want to get notified when we go live on Kickstarter, just sign up here. In the meantime, happy shaving...