Anniversary Stand FAQ

Mike, London: What is First Edition?

It's a quiet revolution in crowdfunding: that is, the power of people to club together to pre-order enough items for it to make sense for a small business to make them.

We believe what makes crowdfunding amazing is access to exceptionally crafted products, and a connection to the people who make them.

So we've built a platform that does that better called First Edition.


Ray, Miami: What happens after the campaign time runs out?

First Edition campaigns are limited to 15 days. Just over two weeks to get a project off the ground isn't much time, so your support especially early on in the campaign is really important: whether that's backing, or spreading the word at the pub, over dinner or on social media.

After the time runs out you'll no longer be able to back the project, but some time in 2018 we might release a version of the stand on our site.

How much time is left? This much...


Dan, Boston: Does the stand fit other razors?

We want as many people as possible to enjoy Kim's work, so the stand has been designed to fit many other razors (including the most popular cartridge razors).

Sarah, London: Will the stand be ready to ship for a Christmas present?

The stand itself won't be ready to ship until mid February. But we think it's such a unique gift that even if he has to wait a while, it will be worth it...

Ryo, Tokyo: "I live in Japan, will you be able to dispatch to me?

Absolutely!  Please pay in US dollars using our 'Worldwide' shop. Depending on customs it can sometimes take a little longer to ship further away, but we've been shipping globally since we started 3 years ago.

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