Our Sixth Crowdfunding Campaign

Since our beginning 3 years ago, we've always asked our customers what they want next. We use their advice to guide the direction of the business. But this product is the first that has been voted for by our customers.. and made by one of them.

Kim Jordan is one of Thomas Clipper's very first customers, and he also happens to be a Parisian based cabinetmaker. Paris is one of the woodworking capitals of the world and as he explains in the above video, the combination of his training and his knowledge of the Thomas Clipper range means he's uniquely positioned to create the perfect razor and brush stand.

After several months honing the design, we think he's done just that.

We've just launched the crowdfunding campaign: our second on the First Edition platform.

To learn more, and to get your hands on your very own Anniversary Stand, pop along to the crowdfunding page - but chop chop, the campaign ends in 2 weeks on the 29th November...