Neolithic Is Here

After creating a 300 year old shave set, we challenged ourselves to push further.

The result: The Neolithic Shave Set. Made up of a lathering bowl and shaving brush turned in Leicester from 5,000 year old semi-fossilised British oak, it represents a truly unique start to your day.

The end of the Neolithic period 5 millennia ago saw humanity on the cusp of civilisation. Before ancient Egyptian mummies, before writing: it’s a prehistoric shave designed to put your morning into perspective.
— Matt, co-founder Thomas Clipper

The set also includes our signature juniper scented natural shaving soap handmade in Norfolk and is packaged in a handmade Thomas Clipper presentation box.

To celebrate the transition from caveman to gentleman we're releasing nine special Pewter Edition sets. They'll feature a hand-poured pewter-top lathering bowl.