Man of the Match...

Last weekend Thomas Clipper co-founder Antonio took a trip back to his birthplace and gave the Man of the Match to James Meredith at his local football ground. This weekend we look at the history of this vital British city...

Man of the Match, James Meredith and Thomas Clipper co-founder Antonio

Man of the Match, James Meredith and Thomas Clipper co-founder Antonio

Bradford, the wool capital of the world in Victorian Britain, received a visit from Thomas Clipper on 1 April.  At Thomas Clipper, we prize British craft and design, and it was a fitting visit for a city replete with histories of world-leading manufacture.  A small market town of under 7,000 at the turn of the nineteenth century, Bradford experienced a huge boom under the Industrial Revolution: the growth in textile manufacturing and imports of wool led to Bradford specialising, and becoming world-leading, in worsted cloth.  Numerous major employers arose, but particularly noteworthy was Sir Titus Salt, who developed, from 1853 onwards the now UNESCO World Heritage Salts Mill in Saltaire in order to house the mill’s workers.  Steeped in history, Bradford, also coincidentally happens to be the birthplace of one of our co-founders, Antonio.  

 Salt's Mill © Copyright  David Dixon  and licensed for  reuse  under this  Creative Commons Licence .

 Salt's Mill © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

The decline of textiles in Britain and deindustrialisation posing challenges for the city throughout the twentieth century, but Bradford maintains much of cultural significance: UNESCO City of Film, home to the Brontë sisters, birthplace of David Hockney, curry capital of Britain (at least in Antonio’ opinion), hometown of Zayn Malik of One Direction (err…), home of Timothy Taylor ale and much besides.  As the great, and local, playwright J.B. Priestley wrote:

However poor you are in Bradford, you need never be walled in, bricked up, as folk must be in London. Those great bare heights, with a purity of sky above and behind them, are always there, waiting for you. And not very far beyond them, the authentic dale country begins. There is no better country in England.
— J. B. Priestley

With this in mind, Thomas Clipper had the great privilege of sponsoring the Man of the Match award at Bradford City AFC on 1 April.  With the award going to the excellent James Meredith, as Bradford defeated Walsall F.C. 1-0, Thomas Clipper.

James was awarded a Mark K Purist set, shown below: