Rakish Simplicity

"Was something lost when the disposable razor was invented" ask the men at The Rakish Gent? Their answer comes in the form of a review of the Thomas Clipper range. From our beginnings to our growth, they cover the history behind the products that we make. The piece, along with a hoard of exceptional gentalmanly journalism, is available at The Rakish Gent here. For your reading pleasure, we've also included it below...

          "Was something lost when the disposable razor was invented and shaving become an essential, quick, everyday part of our grooming routines? Thomas Clipper is a brand that has made it their mission to make your morning better, by combining British design with world-class craftsmanship.

          Developed in 2014 by a humble Kickstarter campaign, the brands growth has been truly astronomical as they can now boast shipping to over 35 countries worldwide and stocking in Fortnum & Mason and The Rake online. The growth is down to the product and the lengths that those behind the scenes have gone to, to ensure that thevery best materials are used.

      Take for example the Heritage Shaving Set which is made from a 305 year old British horse chestnut grown in Northamptonshire. Similarly, the Neolithic Shave Set is made up of a beautiful lathering bowl and shaving brush, turned in Leicester from a 5,000 year old semi-fossilised British oak.

          The products are not only functional, they are also incredibly beautiful. The Tuscan wash bag is the sort of wash bag that you could spend years looking for and now you have found it, you will want to take it everywhere with you. There is also a simplicity in the designs that we love. Barbers shave with a single blade so the razor was designed in the same way. The metal handles are made from solid steel which creates exceptional balance, while a steel / aluminium travel razor is a lighter design.

Showing an uncompromisingness in the lengths that the brand will go to, to deliver what men want, Thomas Clipper also offer personal consultations so you can discuss ways in which you can make a wonderful gift even more special."