Announcing 'First Edition'

At Thomas Clipper, we've always believed that what makes crowdfunding amazing is access to exceptionally crafted products and a connection to the people who make them.

After raising successfully three times on conventional crowdfunding platforms, we believe we can make the process even better.

So we've created our own platform.

Announcing First Edition...

What is First Edition?

- Small Batch, Limited Run

Each First Edition campaign will be a 'debut' product launch, made in a small batch and thus by nature a limited run. We're concentrating on artisanal products with real stories behind them.

- Efficient, Honest Process

Each campaign will run for 15 days, reserving First Edition rights for the true fans of the brand. We'll offer a great First Edition price to thank you for supporting us in our very first run, and our final sales price will be also completely transparent. This is how we've always run our campaigns in the past, we're just formalising it on First Edition.

- Peace Of Mind

You can be assured that we'll deliver on time and that in the unlikely event that you're not happy we'll make a full refund. After all, that's what you'd expect from Thomas Clipper, so why should it be any different in our crowdfunding?


First Edition is crowdfunding, done the Thomas Clipper way. We can't wait to share it with you in just over a week.



The Debut First Edition will be the UNITE Collection. Learn more.