Coming Soon... UNITE

Our most exciting adventure yet.

The world's first boutique British layering cologne for men.

The world's first boutique cologne launched through crowdfunding.

And one of the world's first 250 sets can be yours...

City, Country and Coast make up the UNITE Collection

City, Country and Coast make up the UNITE Collection

A New Approach

Like you, we're only satisfied with the best.

To create our cologne we worked closely with one of the world's top fragrance developers ('noses') in the historic centre of scent-creation: Grasse, France.

Each will be made in extremely small batches in Britain using organic alcohol.

There's no animal testing and 10% of the cologne profits in 2017 will go a charity chosen by you, our customers.


Challenging Cologne Convention

The process of going to Grasse, the perfume capital of France, and creating our own cologne was fascinating.

While mixing one fantastic scent with another, trying to come up with the perfect balance, we realised two things...

First, it’s impossible to come up with a single perfect fragrance for every occasion.

And second, we wouldn’t want to.

Our customers are men who believe in a more interesting world. They’re well travelled, they like discovering new things and we think they’re going to find it much more interesting and rewarding to develop their own perfect cologne.

That’s why we decided to create a collection you blend yourself.
— Matt Brown, co-founder Thomas Clipper
Grasse, France

Grasse, France


Blended by you

Also known as 'layering' or cologne 'cocktailing', it's a process where you add a spray of the different scents together to form your perfect cologne mix for the time of day, season or even your mood.

Perhaps you'll find a spray of Country and two of City is the perfect way to start an Autumn work day? Or a double spray of City and one of Country is the ideal mix before going out in the evening.

Your cologne will be completely unique to you, as you unite our City, Coast and Country colognes, tailor-made to blend perfectly. Learn more here.


A Crowdfunded Revolution

As with previous products, we've created this cologne collection after consulting with our valued customers. And as with previous launches, the UNITE cologne layering collection will be available first through crowdfunding . It's how we got started, and we remain committed to giving our community first access to our products.


Interested? Sign up for more...

We will be releasing a limited number of 'UNITE Travel Kits' to our crowdfunnding customers. They will include 7ml of each cologne and the option to purchase one of the first 250 sets we make. Think of it as a way to test the water, and get in the queue at the same time.

Grasse, France

Grasse, France

It’s up to you to create the perfect combination for your mood, the season, the time of day. It’s all about the discovery - we want to bring that same magic that we felt when we started formulating colognes ourselves to you every morning.

We think we’ve hit upon something amazing here. We can’t wait for you to give it a try.
— Antonio Weiss, co-founder Thomas Clipper