UNITE Is Funded

We're proud to announce we've hit our First Edition crowdfunding goal.

That means that enough people have pre-ordered the UNITE Cologne Collection and Travel Set for us to go into production on the First Edition.

It also means that our brand new crowdfunding platform, First Edition, has had its very first successful campaign.

This is our fifth crowdfunding campaign. Every time we launch a new project, you're involved. As we reach the final hours of the campaign it's with a very real sense of gratitude that we say 'thank you' to everyone who has backed this new project, and everyone who brought it to life. From our 'noses' in Grasse, to our team in England to our designers and photographers and of course our talented star of the UNITE film, Enzo. Thank you all.

So what's next?

Well, as you may have seen, we're also going to be selling in London's prestigious Fortnum and Mason from October, and the innovative 'sustainable shopping experience' The Dandy Lab will also have samples in the coming weeks so you can reserve your cologne there too.

But for now, we're spreading the word for the last hours of the campaign and then we think we'll tuck into a glass of something. Did somebody say Jenkyn Place?