5 UNITE facts you need to know...

Our new cologne collection UNITE launched on Wednesday 5th July for a lightning 15 day First Edition crowdfunding campaign.

Here are 5 things you need to know...

The Launch of the UNITE Collection at Blacks, Soho

The Launch of the UNITE Collection at Blacks, Soho


1) UNITE is a ‘blending cologne collection’

That means you mix the three fragrances (City, Coast and Country) to find your perfect mix for your mood, the season or the time of day.

With UNITE we’ve made it simple and satisfying for every man to blend his own cologne.
— Matt, co-founder at TC

2) The soundtrack shows how single notes can come together and UNITE

It was chosen to reflect the UNITE theme and recorded especially for the video.

Watch the ‘behind the scenes’ of the cello part here:


3) UNITE is made differently

The collection started like all the best colognes: in Grasse France, developed by one of the world’s best ‘noses’. But that’s where the similarities end.

UNITE is made from 100% organic alcohol in small batches.

There’s no animal testing.

And we’re donating 10% of the profits cologne’s 2017 profits to charity.

Learn more in our video below:


4) UNITE is democratising boutique cologne

It’s being launched through crowdfunding on First Edition. This is a 15-day campaign that let’s real fans of Thomas Clipper pre-order for a special price. You’ve only got until 20th July to reserve.

Learn about First Edition here:


5)  People are taking notice…

Since it's launch just days ago, the UNITE Collection has been covered in The Observer, The Resident and most recently in British GQ.

Read the GQ article here: