Soho Farmhouse

Set amongst the picturesque village of Great Tew in the Cotswolds, Soho Farmhouse is one of Thomas Clipper's favourite places in Britain.

The Parlour at Soho Farmhouse

The Parlour at Soho Farmhouse

Where Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, holidayed with some friends in high places before this year's royal wedding, the Farmhouse is the perfect celebration of the English countryside coupled with the chic, design and glamour of the Soho House member's club and hotel group.

This month, Thomas Clipper is proud to announce our new partnership with Soho House, where our double edge safety razors, Tuscan wash bag and pioneering Unite blending colognes are available in the Cowshed Parlour at Soho Farmhouse.

I love what Thomas Clipper do, and the unique way you can blend the colognes together: the City and Country blend is my current favourite.
— Thiago Dalcin, the Parlour barber
Soho Farmhouse barber with Thomas Clipper

Antonio Weiss, co-founder, shares the excitement:

...the values of Soho House, with its distinctly British identity yet global outlook, are the perfect match with ours at Thomas Clipper, and we are thrilled to be stocked by one of our favourite haunts.
— Antonio Weiss, co-founder at Thomas Clipper
Soho Farmhouse Thomas Clipper

Thomas Clipper will be running a special cologne blending event at Soho House West Hollywood on X August 2018, and another event at Soho House 40 Greek Street on 3 September 2018. Visit for more details.

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