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Founded in London by Matt and Antonio, Thomas Clipper makes small batch and limited edition products for men who value modern British design, quality craftsmanship and taking the time to do things properly.

Men like us spend too much time concentrating on too many screens. We believe there’s a value in doing something simple, relaxing and completely detached from the pace of normal life.
— Matt, co-founder of Thomas Clipper

Simplicity in design

When it's between a seven-blade razor that vibrates and a time-tested, beautifully balanced shave, the decision for us is easy.

When it's between a generic and a piece hand-turned from 300 year old British chestnut, we know what you're looking for.

We're purists, because we know you are too.

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Driven by community

We share our story openly and candidly on our regular Coming Clean podcast.

We've funded every product we make and every pound of investment through crowd-funding.

We ask our customer what they want. Then we make it the best it can possibly be.

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Committed to sourcing

Nobody's perfect. But we do our best to build better making into everything we do.

We source sustainable British wood, organic oils, vegetable-tanned leather, and high quality synthetic bristles.

But most of all, we build products that are made to last.

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