Nick talks writing


Episode one - a conversation between Matt Brown, one of our founders, and Nick Carvell, the online fashion editor at British GQ.

In a cafe in the heart of Soho, Matt and Nick talk grooming, writing and west coast US culture.


Nick started at Mr Porter and is now an online fashion editor for British GQ. He tweets @NickCarvell and has a fantastic Instagram account at the same handle @NickCarvell. Matt is one of the founders of Thomas Clipper, he tweets @mfhbrown and manages the Thomas Clipper Instagram account.

We start our conversation talking about US design, fashion and the makers movement. Nick mentions the cashmere pieces from Greg Chait at the Elder Statesman, and talks a bit about the Shinola workshop in Detroit. Matt mentions Tanner Goods in Portland, who were inspirational in the creation of Thomas Clipper.

Nick goes on to speak about the revival of the garment industry in the urban centers of the US, contrasting that movement towards making with the British focus on design. He name-checks some British Designers worth watching, specifically recognising Katie EaryChris Shannon and Thom Sweeny

He then laments the lack of quality, affordable, tailors here in Britain, as compared with on the continent where brands like Officine Generale in Paris provide the 20-something a brilliant product at an affordable mid-market price. That said, Nick does find some silver lining in the British suiting world, talking a bit about Whistles, Debenhams’ Patrick Grant collection and M&S Best of British.

Finally we have a chat about the goings on in town, with Matt mentioning new blog-turned-magazine The Holborn and Nick advising listeners to visit the hotly anticipated Alexander McQueen retrospective at the V&A, Savage Beauty.

Starting a tradition we mean to continue on the podcast, we finish with Nick coming clean about something in his past... but you'll have to listen till the end for that....

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