Nate and the music

Episode Three - a conversation between musician Nate Agenbroad, and Matt, one of our founders.

In a conversation spanning two continents we speak to the man behind the soundtrack to the Thomas Clipper Kickstarter, and to this podcast.

We've branched out of male grooming and into making, a subject touched on in previous episodes but given a thorough exploration in the context of music and of instrument craft.

This episode is longer than usual because we wanted to include as much of Nate's music as he'd let us. To listen to the full versions of the songs you can search for Solomon's Hollow on Spotify (or click here to listen on the web).

Nate spoke to from Boise, Idaho, while Matt was at Clipper HQ in Market Harborough, England.

You can visit the Solomon's Hollow website here and the Facebook group here.