Kim and craftsmanship


A conversation between co-founder Matt and Kim Jordan, one of the craftsmen for Thomas Clipper Made to Order and author of the Make Me Something blog.

Kim covers everything from dovetail joints to needing another glass of gin (a sentiment expressed by many who speak to Matt...).

This episode will interest any aspiring craftsmen and women who want a reason (and a path) to make better work.

Kim starts by talking about his inspiration for making - usually because he's making for commissions he's thinking about not just the final use, but also the final user.

Kim and Matt then talk a little about the process of learning to make: particularly, Kim mentions the benefits of finding a local woodworker willing to share their expertise, and using courses to hone your craft.

Finally, Kim comes clean about some dubious dubious carpentry (and potential larceny) in his younger and less wise days.

To read more from Kim might we suggest you have a read of his guest blog post here and to commission your own bespoke Thomas Clipper shaving gear, visit here.

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