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Matt: Welcome to Coming Clean. I’m Matt.


Tony: And I’m Tony. We’re the founders of Thomas Clipper, a British startup bringing exceptional craftsmanship to men’s mornings. This podcast opens up our small business and lets you see inside in all the gory detail.


Matt: In this episode we’re going to spend a bit of time explaining how the business has changed, what we’re going to get up to in the coming weeks and months to begin the next step of Thomas Clipper, and we’re also going to let you in on a couple future episodes of Coming Clean that we’ve got in the works.


Tony: Quite right: we’ve asked a lot of you in the past months, and we’ve focused a lot on our own business. Which we hope has been interesting! But we want to get back to talking about the things that make us passionate about the business in the first place. So we’re going to be recording episodes in the coming weeks that talk about shaving: the history of shaving, how to achieve the perfect shave, the culture of shaving across the world.


Matt: We’ll also be bringing on some brilliant guests. Entrepreneurs, researchers and, if we’re lucky, our favourite musician Nate.


Tony: But today’s broadcast is to fill you in on what’s happened here at Clipper HQ with our fantastically successful Seedrs investment round, and to say a massive ‘thank you’ to those of you who invested.


Matt: For those who haven’t been following along, Seedrs is a website where people can find small businesses like ours and invest. They get equity in the business, which, if it grows, means a potential for them to make a return on their investment.


Tony: We launched a short campaign looking for £70,000 to grow our business, invest in marketing and expand overseas.


Matt: Last time we were broadcasting just a few days before the end of the campaign.


Tony: Today we’re on the other side of that journey, and we’re delighted to say it was a success. We raised a whopping £20,000 more than we were asking for thanks to the support of investors all around the world.


Matt: And on Friday last week we finished the most important bits of paperwork for this process. That means that from now on, Thomas Clipper is not just Tony and I. We’re something bigger. We answer to over 100 investors behind us and we’ve got the burst of capital we need to begin to fulfil our mission to expand our little business all over the world.


Tony: What’s exciting for us though is that this group of investors isn’t an anonymous pension fund or institution. They’re people, many of whom have bought and use our products, and all of whom believe in our vision for a business built on our values of meticulous sourcing, world-class craftsmanship and brilliant British design.


Matt: So if you’re one of them: thank you for your investment.


Tony: We’re going to be working our arses off to grow the business. And you’ll be hearing from us in the coming weeks, months and years for advice on how you’d like to see TC grow.


Matt: But let’s be clear. If you’re not an investor, by listening to this podcast you’re already part of the community. We’re going to be putting questions to you as well in the coming weeks around what we should be developing next. So don’t feel left out of the equation - far from it. We’re a community driven luxury brand, which means without you we’re nothing at all.


Tony: That’s right. So you’ll be hearing from us very soon asking for your feedback on some rather exciting new products we’re developing. Watch this space.


Matt: Indeed. In the meantime, there are a rather large number of items on our to-do list on Slack and we’re still just a team of two. So we’d better get to it!


Tony: Thanks for joining us. Next episode will be a bit less about us, and a bit more about the things we love. But until then I’ve been Tony.


Matt: And I’ve been Matt. This has been Coming Clean from Thomas Clipper. Thanks for listening.

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