The history and the art of leather

Leather is never static. It changes with use.

"It gains quality, in a way it gains experience... That's the beauty of it. It's the uniqueness of it."



Note: the image for this podcast features a vachetta leather skin, which isn't what we're using for the bag - although it was one of the options we considered. You'll have to wait a touch longer for our big reveal...

The news today is that we’ve chosen at tannery to work with and we’ve now got our hands on our first prototypes, which is really exciting. We’re now exploring things like colour choice, embossing, hardware and of course final design tweaks.

As part of that process, today we met up with Max who runs the workshop in Florence that will be hand-making each of our leather washbags.

This week we’re inviting you into a conversation I had a few hours ago with Max in a cafe in Isola, Milan, so excuse the occasional clinking of porcelain.

No transcript this time chaps - you’ll have to listen to the episode: I just got it mixed in time, so no time to transcribe!