Florence - City Guide


Florence - A Thomas Clipper City Guide


As you'll likely have seen (if not it's all here) we've released the first photos of our brilliant Tuscan Wash Bag. It's made in Florence, and given that photography doesn't translate well on a podcast, we thought we'd share our favourite Tuscan Tips this week.


Mentioned in the podcast...

Not Tuscany... but pretty close if you're in Borough (this is where we recorded our podcast).

Planning the escape:

Tipicetta (cafe on Borough High Street: great Italian food and drinks while planning your escape to Tuscany)

Plane reading:

The Pursuit of Italy

Top three touristy places to visit:

Santa Croce leather museum, climb the Duomo and visit the Academia (book in advance).

More importantly, food:

La Beppa Fioraia (thanks to Zoe for the tip), Tamero and Perseus

For a drink or aperitivo (drinks and free snacks!):

Find a place on Piazza Santo Spirito (eg Tamero pictured with an extremely excited Tony). Also worth a look for craft beer is The Beer House (Corso dei Tintori 34/r, Firenze).


Day trips:

Lucca (try the tortelli Lucchese, pictured), Bologna

Slightly longer:

The Cinque Terre