Why blending matters

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City Coast Country

In our latest Coming Clean we lift the lid on the importance of blending in our rituals, but also in expressing our individuality.

Cologne Blending


We believe blending your morning cologne should be as important as choosing your morning's outfit. Here's why.


We're already blending


We create eclectic playlists, combining the best of our taste. In the kitchen we create flavour combinations.


But our scent choices are too often left static: instead of dressing ourselves from a wardrobe of complementary fragrances, we simply don the same cologne every morning. It's the equivalent of wearing the same shoes every day of your life: not particularly inspiring.


And it should be inspiring: indeed, the source of the word 'inspire' literally means 'to breathe in'. Scent is visceral, it's primal and it deserves the same nuance and sophistication we bring to other elements of our life.


How blending works


UNITE is the world's very first boutique blending cologne collection for men.


Blending is as simple as spraying one spritz of City on your wrist, followed by one spritz of Country. That's it. But in that simple action of layering scents on top of eachother, you open up a world of customised scent.


Of course, you can get more creative. Perhaps a spray of Coast on the wrists, to leave a fresh impression in the morning at work, with a top up of Country on the neck as you get home to bring a more masculine and subtle scent to your kiss hello with your other half? A blend for the summer, and a blend for the winter - subtly reflecting the natural shift of the seasons. The choice is yours.


Each scent adds something to the group, each is a colour in the pallete. City brings sophistication and a classic feel (with a modern twist). Country is more masculine, adding a deep intensity to the mix. Coast is light, fresh and sporty. Together though, you can create your very own combination.


Cologne Mixology


Like a carefully selected playlist, each scent in the collection is a variation on a theme. They're subtle, sophisticated and complex. All of them are inspired by nature, not chemicals. And at their heart, they're all reimagined classics.


Like the best cocktails, they work well in their pure form but come into their own when they're mixed.


Like the most versatile wardrobe, there's nothing that shouts too loud: they're designed to be worn day in, day out.


A different scent 'outfit' for a summer evening. A new fragrance 'cocktail' for a dinner date. It's all there to be discovered with the simple building blocks of a world-class boutique fragrance collection: the first of its kind.


Advanced Blending


Of course, we didn't invent the concept of blending scents. The very first perfumers were creating incense blends (perfume means 'through the smoke') and today expert scent blenders are called 'noses'.


What we have done is present blending in a way lets the quality of the production take centre stage, is simple to understand and is rooted in the belief that every man should be able to make his own custom fragrance.


Of course, it needn't stop with UNITE. In fact, we hope that our boutique (250 bottles on the first run) fragrance collection will be the beginning of a long and rewarding journey into the depths of scent creation. Who knows, perhaps ending with you too taking a trip to Grasse, France, where our cologne story, and so many others, begins.


But as a starting point in this journey to a greater and more satisfying relationship with scent, there's no better start than the UNITE Cologne Collection.