The Most Important Question...


21 months…


It’s been less than two years since we shipped our first parcel (to Tom in London, our first Kickstarter backer).

With your support we’ve developed 9 products in three successful Kickstarter campaigns.

We’ve grown to a company with over 1,000 orders placed online, gaining coverage from GQ, Wallpaper*, ShortList and more. Our Purist and Heritage sets are stocked in Fortnum & Mason in London, and they’ve placed an order for the new Tuscan Wash Bag.

21 incredible months. We’ve learnt a great deal and created something we’re extremely proud of.


Today we’re at a turning point.


To grow the company, like every business, we need to spread the word through marketing and PR. We need to place larger orders with our artisans because we know that after a Kickstarter campaign ends, the demand remains and we continue to sell.

So far we have not given away any equity in the company: we own the business 50:50 and fund every order of razors, every shipment of new hand-made boxes.

This is slowing us down. When we should be buying 1,000 shave oils, we have to buy half because we simply don’t have the capital. When we should be investing in a Facebook advertising campaign before Christmas, we have to do it on a fraction of the budget of our competitors: less people see us, less people find out about us, less people get on board.

In short the company has outgrown our personal capital. We could be growing faster.

So we’ve come to the conclusion that for Thomas Clipper to reach its potential, we need to consider outside investment.

To be clear: the things that we value - design, craftsmanship and sustainability - will remain core. And if we do go for investment we might well go the ‘crowdfunding’ route, meaning that you personally would be able to be a co-owner of Thomas Clipper.


To Seed or not to Seed?


So the question, as you might have guessed is this: do you think we should give up a portion of our company to outside investors (like you) in exchange for the funds we need to grow Thomas Clipper?

To tell us what you think, please visit here:

This is the biggest decision we have ever had to take. Giving away equity is something we take very seriously. We’re asking you your opinion because many of you have been with us through the whole history of the company, so it really means a lot to us.

Thanks for reading this far. We appreciate your time, and your valuable opinion on this vital decision.

All the best,

Matt and Tony


PS That link again: